Christmas Gif

Here’s my first hack at a gif banner. I made it for my wife’s awesome blog, It was pretty fun figuring this out and it’s a slightly different thinking approach than producing static images. I have a few other gif ideas on the back-burner, so I’ll be posting those as soon as I find the time to make ’em!

Merry Christmas!


Toon Toggery

Recently, I got to make these fun print advertising illustrations in the style of some classic cartoons. Unfortunately the campaign never made it into the light of day, but it was still super fun reverse engineering each style.






Out to Pasture…

I’ve been doing a little spring-cleaning! I’ve decided to move some of my older work here to make way for newer work that is more representative of my current interests and skill-set. The works below are examples of transitional pieces from my older line and flat colour style; to line with various texture experiments; to now where I’m exploring using less or no line at all. I’m finally on the right track to the textural quality I’ve been searching for all this time, and you’ll see that searching in a lot of my work over the last three or four years. “Matryoshka” – (Art print) (2015)


“Son Of Man” – Art Print (2013)


“Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu” – Art Print (2013)


“Elvis” – (Personal project) (2015)


“Pet” – (Personal project) (2015)

“Zoolander” – (Personal project) (2015)

“Absinthe” – (Unused tour poster) (2015)


“Madame Zingara” – (Editorial spot- FORBES MAGAZINE) (2014)




Oh, Hello! Exhibition


I’ll be exhibiting some of my new and older (but not previously shown) work. Some limited editions and some once-offs. I’m humbled to be exhibiting alongside 11 other amazingly talented South Africa illustrators for this show. Come and say hi!

Alexander’s Band, in partnership with The Drawing Room, is proud to present Oh, Hello! – a group illustration exhibition featuring talented friends and collaborators – The Banders.

Oh, Hello! is a showcase of visual interpretations of greetings, as well as our way of saying “Hello, this is us, these are our friends, and this is what gets us out of bed in the morning.” Along with the new pieces created for the show we’ll be showcasing a number of previous works by the illustrators – gems old and new.

Alexander’s Band is a South African illustration representative based in Cape Town, who work exclusively with South African illustrators, based locally and abroad.

The exhibition will be held at The Drawing Room, 87 Station Road, Observatory, Cape Town. Tel 082 672 0515.